Raw PHP vs. frameworks

Everything PHP is object-oriented these days, and thank goodness for that. Who could imagine life without Laravel? However, the question should be asked, is Web development in raw PHP still relevant? If so, what is raw PHP good for, compared to frameworks such as Symfony or Laravel?

Consider the following link:


This is a link to a Website that is not associated with techBallet.net. They ran benchmark tests for several Web framework configurations, including Laravel, Symfony, Rails, Sailsjs, Django, and yes, raw PHP. Thank you, techempower for that!

Take a look at how they did.

On the fortune cookie test, raw PHP scored appr. 23% out of 100%. Not stellar performance compared to asp.net or even more pure OOP solutions. However, it clearly left the frameworks above in the dust, all of which scored below 3%.

Perhaps this is because fewer “moving parts” leads to greater efficiency and faster performance? We have given raw PHP an electric motor, which has limitations, but is less clunky compared to the internal combustion of the more popular frameworks (apart from asp.net, for some reason).