How to filter blue light on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

so I had a conundrum. I wanted a blue light filter like Night Light on Windows and ChromeOS or Night Shift on OSx. But nothing would do it on Raspberry Pi. I even tried to RDP into one of my other computers to use its night light, but apparently those features disappear through Chrome Desktop Connect. So here was my solution. It has limitations.

This only works for Chrome and Chromium Browser afaik.
This only works for what is viewed via browser.
If you view another desktop through your browser through Remote Desktop Connect, you can switch to fullscreen but you have to go through your chrome menu and not the Chrome Remote Desktop menu.

So it was Chrome Web Store to the rescue. I downloaded an app called Night Shift. There were several and this is the only one I’ve tried because it has worked very well. You can find it here.

It doesn’t change the desktop, theme, or terminal, but you can adjust those settings relative to each application.